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Datafold exists to make working with data more enjoyable and productive. We are all about empowering data and analytics engineers. We find the most tedious, error-prone, and repetitive tasks and create tools to automate them. We make the world better by giving superpowers to data professionals who solve hard problems in various domains with data. We are fully remote and a highly technical team with deep expertise in the data domain. To date, Datafold raised $22M from top-tier investors, including YCombinator, NEA & Amplify Partners.

Tech Stack:

Datafold is a distributed web application with a rich interactive UI. Our backend is primarily written in Python with the use of FastAPI, SQLAlchemy, and Celery. The data is stored in PostgreSQL, Neo4j (metadata graph), and Clickhouse (logs and time series). Our frontend is written in Typescript with the use of React, Redux, and GraphQL.

About the role:

Although this role can be hired anywhere globally, we require that all engineers are available between 9am-12pm EST daily to overlap with our existing team.

As a backend engineer, you will be building the foundation of the Datafold platform.

Datafold empowers its users – data engineers and analysts – by abstracting them from the complexity of their data and automating the most tedious tasks. That requires us to solve various challenging problems under the hood.

Your projects will range from developing API endpoints to implementing sophisticated features that may involve:

- Static code analysis for data lineage

- Machine learning-based anomaly detection for data monitoring

- Graph-powered search for data catalog

You will collaborate closely with the founders and take on a significant scope within the product, opening an excellent path to personal and professional growth. Joining as a founding engineer provides an opportunity to make a significant impact and to shape the product and our engineering culture.

We are looking for engineers who have:

  • Substantial experience building web application backends

  • Working knowledge of Python

  • Track record of taking ownership and delivering challenging projects

  • Ability to make technical and architectural decisions collaboratively

  • Affinity to high quality standards in code, architecture, and processes

  • A strategic approach to decision making with an ability to consider business context and needs of the users when making decisions to balance velocity, quality, and impact

  • Interest in the data domain and building tools that empower people

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Fully flexible hours