Senior Python Engineer, V7 SDK - 60,000 - 90,000 GBP

3-4 days per week at home

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Full time

**If you're not familiar with V7, here's what we do:

V7 is an AI data platform to automate any visual task, voted by Forbes as one of the top 25 machine learning startups of 2021. We have raised $10 million in venture funding and are backed by the field of AI's greatest leaders, including the minds behind Elixir, Keras, transformers, and more.

We manage the training data and models of hundreds of AI companies and enterprises, spanning tens of thousands of datasets and tens of billions of training data labels. What sets us apart is our team's obsession with pushing our product to where AI will be three years from today.

Here's a bit more on our culture:

We have developed and currently maintain Darwin-Py, our official open-source library and CLI. With Darwin-Py, our users can manage their data, upload and tag new files, import/export annotations, load and transform data for PyTorch models, and many more use-cases.

We are looking for an exceptionally talented and experienced Python Engineer, who can lead the development of Darwin-Py, expand it to become a larger SDK for all V7 features, and be a Python evangelist for the entire organization, setting the guidelines for how Python development should be done at V7.

Deep Learning knowledge is not required to apply for this position, although curiosity for the field of AI and understanding of the basic concepts of machine learning are a plus.


  • 5+ years of experience in Software Development with Python
  • Experience with leading projects and teams
  • Strong knowledge of web development and API design
  • Contributions to open-source projects


  • Unlimited vacation, just tell us when you need time off.
  • Stock options
  • Work from anywhere
  • 7-day company retreats in stunning locations
  • New Apple hardware
  • Central London office with standing desks and 4K monitors.
  • Unlimited high-quality coffee, tea, snacks, and other comforts every day.
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United Kingdom
Artificial Intelligence
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3-4 days per week at home

Set hours

Dog friendly