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⚙️ The key bits

- Whereabouts: We're HQed in London but have distributed team members within BST +/- 3 hours. We prioritise UK-based applicants but we're open anyone within the aforementioned timezone.

- Visas: We can sponsor a UK work visa and we do offer relocation. But we do give priority to candidates without visa requirements.

- Interviews: 3 stages totalling around 3 hours over 2-3 weeks, incl. a home task.

- Salary & seniority: We benchmarked ca. £55-75,000 at IC4/MN1 level in our career framework. If our advertised salary doesn’t match your current expectations, just let us know and we’re very open to discussing further.

- Reporting to: James Boreham, VP Sales

- More info: The FAQ below, our careers page, our handbook or ask anything.

🤝 Help us help the world agree more

Juro has big ambitions: de-throne MS Word as the standard way to agree contracts online. And we'll need a lot of help doing it.

Legal tech on the rise: companies in this space already attracted more than $1 billion in funding this year as the slow-moving industry digitises. With 3x annual revenue growth, we're in a great position to pilot this change.

⚔️ The challenge...

... is 80% about data, 20% about process. Over the last year, we've been making incremental improvements to our revenue reporting — but these are local fixes rather than systemic fixes, and it's all still very manual and requires constant upkeep to stay accurate.

Our managers are spending a lot of time on their own data gathering and analysis. Since different people own different and increasingly complex data sources, we have started inconsistency across Salesforce, Chargify, Hubspot, spreadsheets etc. Tooling alone can't fix the problem: ownership and expertise can.

As a business aim to be highly-data driven — but to date, we are still reactive when it comes to our revenue data. Long story short: If no-one owns that system, the system never gets better.

👉 Where you come in:

We're looking for someone with expertise in SaaS revenue operations to own our reporting, so you can proactively tell us about problems before they become problems.

Years of experience matter less to us than a bias to action — taking over all our data and using it to empower our go-to-market teams to do their best work even better.

Expect there to be a fair amount of upfront work that you'll spend your first months with, to get our reporting into shape. Then increasingly, you will:

- Enable our sales teams to reduce ramp times and optimise performance

- Surface insights into our data to inform strategic decision-making quickly

- Innovate processes across our revenue teams to let them focus on what matters

🌠 Your mission at Juro

To own our revenue reporting and empower our go-to-market teams to deliver on their targets. That means:

Enable Sales teams to:

- Reduce ramp times of our sales team members by supporting onboarding

- Provide ongoing training to reduce friction for how our reps are working

- Manage training resources and programs

Surface insights into our data to:

- Decrease reactive firefighting

- Reduce time to make strategic decisions in our senior leadership team

Innovate processes across our go-to-market teams to:

- Improve the quality of customer touch points (e.g. quarterly business reviews in the Customer Success team)

- Reduce the time spent on tasks (e.g. letting prospects booking meetings automatically with the Sales or Customer Success teams)

👀 You own:

- Our RevOps function, which you build from the ground up – looking after Marketing, Sales, CS operations as well as business intelligence

- Our entire go-to-market tooling stack, incl. budget to make changes or upgrades to that stack, incl.:

- Sales: Salesforce, SalesLoft, Gong, Cognism, SalesNav

- Marketing: HubSpot

- Customer Success: Planhat

🌱 Your progression with Juro:

From Day One, you will work closely with our senior leadership team. While you won't have any direct reports to start, we expect that over time you will build out the RevOps function with analysts for sales/marketing/success ops.

We expect the next natural step for you will be as our Head of Revenue Operations. We have career framework for progression at Juro and will offer support for whichever route suits you best in your future. We are currently building out the Finance career track and will look for your input.

📬 We'd love to hear from you if...

You've been in an environment where:

- You have worked in a RevOps role as part of a small team of 2-5 people.

- You supported a fast-growing revenue team in a venture-backed SaaS business (Series B-C).

You live an approach to customer success that emphasises our values:

- Stakeholder management (#BeMoreHuman): You have worked with, and challenged, senior leaders.

- Data-driven (#LoveTheDetails): You have gathered insight on complex, often not super-clean, data from many sources using Excel and SQL.

- Results-driven (#TrustAndDeliver): You have built lots of stuff (e.g. a new process for handling leads, clean reporting spreadsheets).

- Autonomous (#TrustAndDeliver): You are proactive and don't need a lot of oversight to execute in your job.

- First-principles thinking (#KeepItSimple): You are confident to build from 0, starting fresh on existing processes.

- Clear communication (#KeepItSimple: You can communicate your thoughts clearly. (Tip: we like STAR answers in interviews.)

*Research shows that while men apply to jobs when they meet ~60% of criteria, women and those in underrepresented groups tend to only apply when they check every box. So if you think you have what it takes but don't meet every single bullet point above, please still get in touch. We'd love to have a chat and see if you could be a great fit.

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1-2 days per week at home

A little flex time

Dog friendly