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V7 is an AI data platform to automate any visual task. We raised $10 million in venture funding and are backed by some of the most competent leaders in AI. We manage the training data and models of hundreds of AI companies and enterprises. What sets us apart is our team's obsession with pushing our product to where AI will be three years from today.

Our users are building the machines that will define the future human society. Each has a story to tell, and the potential to scale to enormous levels of impact. This community needs a shepherd, that's where you come in!

As a technical community manager, you evangelize our products within developer communities, universities, slack groups, and ML challenges.


  • A good understanding of the deep learning landscape

  • Previous experience with computer vision in a technical or non-technical way.

  • Familiarity with the deep learning community, its conferences, exponents, and traditions.

  • Fluency in English


  • Turn V7 into a hub for open datasets for the machine learning community.

  • Ensure every major university doing ML research is using V7 for its training data.

  • Make open-source models available for usage for our users

  • Establish partnerships with open source communities and the community managers at other high growth AI startups.

  • Ensure machine learning challenges make use of V7 to host their datasets.

  • Connect people within the machine learning community with our employees and advisors.

This is our first community related role. It reports to the CEO and is ideally suited for someone with previous exposure to the deep learning community.



United Kingdom
Artificial Intelligence
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