Outbound Sales Development Representative (Sales)


A little flex time

Employment type
Full time

Whereabouts: We hire globally, but many of our team are based in CET. Please be aware you will need to have at least 3 hours of work cross-over with CET and GMT. Read more about our approach to Remote working here.

Interviews: Around 3-4 hours over a few weeks, including some practical work. Get the full overview here

Salary: Starting from £34,000 (base salary) and £46,000 (OTE)

*Note: We have no “caps” on our salary, and you can read our full compensation philosophy here. If our advertised salary doesn’t suit your current expectations, just let us know and we’re very open to discussing further.

Reporting to: Maddy Trusewich

Ask us anything: careers@whereby.com or check out our FAQ for candidates here

“The questions you ask are more important than the things you could ever say.” - Thomas Freese

Please note: If you aren’t seeing this role advertised on https://jobs.lever.co/whereby the role is likely closed for new applications. Unfortunately, we are not always in control of where our roles are posted as many websites post our roles without our express consent. For this reason, you may be reading out of date information - we are so sorry about that. Our careers team is always on hand to answer questions, drop us a line at careers@whereby.com

Your mission at Whereby*

Have a direct impact on Whereby’s growth and success by sourcing, engaging and qualifying outbound sales qualified leads to build a healthy pipeline for your assigned Account Executives.

*This is the mission that moves you and your team through our strategic roadmap, and should be your focus for up to a year or two.

What is Whereby all about

Freedom to work from anywhere: our mission with Whereby is to give people freedom to live and work where they thrive.

📍 Our global HQ is in Oslo, Norway, but our users (and team) are worldwide - having been used in nearly every country in the world by millions of folk. 🌏

By making it possible to collaborate as well over video as you can in real life, we want to give you the choice to work from where your life happens. To allow you to be in a place where you can think and focus, but also allow a seamless and instant connection with others when you need to.

For our 90 team members, and also for our customers, we know that the ability to decouple location from work can be life-changing. They can afford the house they want, can spend less time commuting, be closer to nature, and their children get to grow up seeing their grandparents every day. Everyone on our team enjoys the enormous benefits that a flexible work policy brings, and we truly believe the future of work will gravitate towards our vision of the future.

Sales at Whereby

Whereby is a fast-growing scale-up with a global user base of more than 5 million users per month for Whereby Meetings and over 300 business customers for Whereby Embedded. We strongly believe in product led growth and the power of a passionate, hard working team. As we scale, we need more sales professionals to help us reach our goals.

You will become part of a tightly knit team of highly passionate people who aim to create the best possible user experience. We are not afraid of challenging the status quo and aim for radical simplicity in everything we do. Whereby has been ranked by business users as the #1 easiest-to-use video conferencing tool, ahead of competitors like Zoom, Google Meet and Skype.

🔍 What we're looking for in our Sales Development Representative

We're looking for a motivated individual to join our growing Sales team. You have a high degree of flexibility and work well under pressure. You enjoy thinking out-of-the-box and are a curious learner. You also have a huge interest in sales and want to build a career within sales.

🌎 We believe in everyone

We fundamentally believe talent is distributed to all of us in equal measure. We open our doors (physical or url) to everyone and we see our differences as a strength; it’s this philosophy that drives us towards our mission.

This means we see your unique history as having a value money cannot buy; we believe in the strength of every intersection of race, religion or belief, ethnic origin, different physical ability, family structure, socio-economics, age, nationality or citizenship, marital, domestic or civil partnership status, sexual orientation, gender identity.

⚒️ The nuts and bolts of the role

* Please do not see everything in this job ad as "must have", but rather a guiding list of what we're looking for. We know that no candidate will be the perfect match for all we've mentioned in this posting, so don't be afraid to apply if you feel you're close to the brief but not "spot on"

Your attributes

  • 📝 Organised
  • 🔍 Attention to detail
  • 💛 Love connecting with people
  • 🎯 Goal-oriented
  • 🚀 Resilient and relentless
  • 🧠 Curious

Your previous experience

  • 3-6 months experience in outbound sales ideal
  • Have strong communication skills, both written and verbal
  • Have an interest for sales and want to build a career within sales
  • Are motivated for reaching goals and key deliverables
  • Are curious and eager to learn
  • Are fearless and are willing to hop on the phone with new people every day
  • Have a positive attitude and are resilient
  • Enjoy working in distributed teams
  • Are a really nice person with loads of ambition!

🌟 How we'll measure your success

  • Prospecting activities (cold calls, emails, social touches)
  • Number of meetings completed
  • Number of opportunities sourced

Strategic responsibilities

  • Represent Whereby’s product and services
  • Drive Whereby's outbound sales effort and generate sales pipeline.
  • Help shape our account based marketing approach
  • Collaborate with the sales team on strategic sales approaches and ensure the company’s goals and targets are met.

Tactical responsibilities

  • Research on potential clients and generate interest.
  • Contact different leads in the form of cold calls, emails or other social channels.
  • Qualify outbound leads and move them through the company sales pipeline and funnel.
  • Be a product and service expert educating prospects about our product.
  • Coordinate meetings and demos with the Account Executives on the sales team.
  • Track and document all relevant information related to leads or qualification on Salesforce.
  • Learn something new everyday.

Foundational responsibilities

  • Source and engage outbound leads through outreach activities.
  • Qualify those leads and pass them over to Account Executives to generate opportunities.
  • Contribute to team effort and play an integral part in creating smooth team processes.

Your progression

  • We are still a small team where your contribution and results will have a great impact and visibility.
  • There are a lot of learning opportunities and career advancement. This could be your opportunity to start a career in sales in a fast-paced company (ex. into an Account Executive role).
  • We expect you to be ambitious and look forward to follow you into more senior roles as you grow and new opportunities arise within the company.

You've read all this way... you may as well apply! 🙌

If you have any more questions, take a peek at our Recruitment FAQ on Notion or drop us an email to careers@whereby.com. You can always read more about Whereby here on our open handbook.

Note: We perform background checks on certain roles. For more information about how and why we carry out background checks, this document is a great starting point. For anything further, please email careers@whereby.com or your Talent Partner. Whereby’s background checks will be carried out by Zinc.

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A little flex time