Engineering Manager

Hofy | London, UK
Flexible hours
Various work from home options
Employment type
Full time

Hofy are looking for an Engineering Manager to join their team.

Hofy is redefining the way organisations oversee their remote and hybrid workplaces. We centralise and automate workplace management processes so businesses can focus on what they do best! Improving a company’s onboarding processes is at the core of what we do and to do that we are building our own incredibly talented team with big growth targets over the next two years. 

The Role: 

  • Work with the team to enable execution, including implementing appropriate processes, setting appropriate expectations, managing risks, managing resource allocation (aka managing the balance of scope/schedule/resources), and removing blockers.
  • Develop a quality playbook for your teams and area(s) of ownership, including standards for pull requests, code reviews, testing, and monitoring.
  • Ensure the team owns the operation of data, systems, and apps in production. Drive resolution of critical issues with root cause analysis-driven actions.
  • Drive hiring, motivation, growth with everyone in your team. Develop and calibrate a thorough understanding of employees’ motivations, strengths, and growth opportunities. Work to align opportunities for personal growth with prospective impact to the organization. Provide constant, real-time feedback to the team. Create a self-managing team.
  • Ensure the team continuously improves. Establish goals and KPIs for the team and/or technical scope, set up processes to ensure we continually track and learn, and drive priorities to improve. Orchestrate improvement using root cause analyses, post-mortems/retrospectives, and other processes.
  • Cultivate a great culture where team members can do their best work. Promote ownership and accountability, high I/O, learning and teaching, good decision making, and a push for very high standards.
  • Build relationships. Build, maintain, and invest in relationships inside and outside of the organisation, and ensure the team does the same. Promote transparency through regular updates on priorities and statuses.
  • Ensure the team has clear goals, roadmaps, and priorities that are well informed by and socialised with partners and peers across the organisation. Work end-to-end to ensure we minimize technical and functionality gaps between teams.


  • Software engineering background with at least 10 years' experience building software products.
  • Ability to act with and teach appropriate urgency when the situation calls for it.
  • Sense of personal accountability and responsibility. Keen eye for problems and inefficiencies, with the ability to find elegant solutions before they become major issues.
  • High I/O, emotionally mature, and humble. A good, deep listener. Willingness to share information proactively and effectively, and cares about being effective over being right. Accepts feedback willingly, and open to seeking opposing points of view.
  • An open-minded learner, keen on learning new things, staying up-to-date with new technologies, tools, and techniques. Inspired by what's possible, and what people inside and outside the company know, as well as eager to incorporate the best. Openness to experimenting, challenging status quo, and taking appropriate risks.
  • A rapid learner who quickly ramps on new languages, frameworks, and systems.
  • A systems thinker: thinks end-to-end about how designs and changes affect the overall service, architecture, codebase, and users, and how it will evolve in the future.
  • Understands and drives techniques for leading projects and improving productivity, raising the visibility of the team’s work within the organisation.
  • Experienced with a variety of growth and leadership strategies, tactics, and scenarios.
  • Empathetic and happy when helping others succeed. Drives and facilitate clarity when there's ambiguity in what's needed.
  • Makes wise, informed decisions about where you invest your time, while helping the team determine how to best allocate their time. Mentors employees (on their team or across the organisation), encouraging, and guiding them in levelling up.

What's in for you?

  • Influence, trust, and impact inside a well-funded startup that's scaling.
  • Work alongside other talented and friendly folk who are keen to learn and improve.
  • Competitive salary and meaningful stock options.
  • High impact role where you’ll have the autonomy to develop our platform quickly and make a meaningful contribution.
Flexible hours
Various work from home options