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If your experience doesn't tick all the boxes but you are passionate about joining us, you should definitely apply! We look for people who share our values and can add to our open, transparent, and inclusive culture.

The Company

At Prolific, we're changing how research on the internet is done. Our co-founders Katia and Phelim started by building a marketplace that connects researchers from both Academia and industry with instant, high quality, global research participants. Now, as a growing team, our bigger vision is to build the most powerful and trusted platform for behavioral research.

We were in Y Combinator's Summer 2019 batch, we've recently closed a $1.4M seed round, we've been growing 3x a year purely through word-of-mouth, we're default alive, and we have very ambitious plans.

The Interview Process

Initial Interview - You'll have a 30 - 45 minute interview with two members of the team where you'll have the opportunity to ask about the company and the role, and we'll ask you questions about your experiences and goals.

Assignment - There will be a 1.5-2 h assignment that evaluates skills required for the role. You'll be compensated with a £50 voucher for completing the task because we know your time is valuable!

Final Interview - The final stage is 1-1.5 hour interview where we'll deep dive into your past experiences, goals, motivations, and skills. You'll speak with two to three members of the team and - as always - have an opportunity to ask questions about the role and company.

At a glance

Us: Default alive startup of 60+ people. Remote team, mainly based in the UK. YC alumni. Building a web-based platform for behavioral research. £4.4M revenue in 2020, growing 2.5X year over year, all driven by word-of-mouth.

We’re on a mission to connect people around the world to make trustworthy data more accessible and facilitate world-changing research.

You: User Researcher with a track record of quantitative and qualitative research projects.

The role

We are looking for an experienced mixed-methods researcher to support our Senior User Researcher in making Prolific a research-driven company. As a User Researcher at Prolific, you will get involved in more than just usability testing, you will help bring the voice of the user into every corner of the company. The research team currently supports four cross-functional product teams with problem discovery and idea validation research, as well as carrying out exploratory research to guide future product and growth strategies.

At Prolific, we now have more than 10,000 active researchers and 170,000 active participants using our product. The unique challenge as a researcher here is to work with these two distinct user populations. Especially within the participant experience, there is a lot of room for exploration and we would be eager for you to pioneer this research.

What you'll do:

  • Run user awareness activities across the company. As user researchers at Prolific, we strive to give as many colleagues as possible the opportunity to connect with people who use our product, rather than becoming experts on users ourselves. For this purpose, we have ongoing activities like weekly conversations with researchers and participants, research updates, and more. You will have the chance to shape these and introduce new initiatives to help Prolific employees build a connection with our users.
  • Analyse and aggregate incoming qualitative feedback. You will keep an eye on incoming data, aggregate feedback into insights, and make user-driven proposals for the product roadmap.
  • Provide guidance and hands on research help to cross- functional product teams. These will include problem discovery, idea validation, and prototype testing. You will collaborate closely with Product Managers and Designers on the teams to define the scope and methodology of research as well as help them carry it out where needed.
  • Run own exploratory research projects to uncover unknown problems and opportunities.
  • Contribute to shaping and scaling our research system. We have a research repository in place, where all of our research data and findings live, but we have yet to close some loops to make sure all of our customer feedback gets processed and makes it's way into the product roadmap.

You should apply if:

  • You have experience carrying out research independently.
  • You have a great understanding of qualitative and quantitative methods and when to use them: interviews, usability tests, surveys, A/B and multivariate testing.
  • You communicate and work well with others. The User Research role at Prolific is far-reaching and you will need to interact with various stakeholders from product, design, support and more.
  • You care deeply about people and building accessible and delightful products for users from a diverse range of backgrounds and cultures.
  • You feel comfortable working independently in areas of uncertainty.
  • You possess humility, optimism, and a desire to learn and grow fast.

This isn't for you if:

  • You need a lot of methodological guidance when conducting research. While this is a junior-mid role, you will be expected to provide methodological guidance to our cross-functional teams and conduct research yourself independently fairly early on.
  • You need the structure of established processes. We're building a new team and learning as we go, both from industry experts through our networks, but also through trial and error. It is essential that you feel comfortable working in an uncertain environment.
  • You want to specialize and become an expert in a particular method or discipline. At this point in time, the research team is growing from a team of one into a two-person team, so we are looking for a generalist. You will need to work with various research methods and wear many hats at times.

What we offer:

  • Flexible working: You can work flexibly from home or from our dog-friendly co-working space.
  • £1000 home office budget and laptop when you start and a £200 yearly top-up budget.
  • 33 days holiday per year (25 days + bank holidays, which you can switch with any day of your choosing).
  • Pension (employer contribution 3% of base salary).
  • Comprehensive private health insurance that disregards medical history.
  • Taxable stipend of £150 a month per person for wellness and improving your remote experience (co-working subscription, gym membership, lunches, etc.)
  • £1000 yearly budget for education, growth, and training.
  • £1000 yearly budget on discretionary meet-ups (travel, hotel, food, etc.)
  • Fun and collaborative quarterly company-wide meet-ups and team socials paid for by us.
  • Personal growth opportunities and career progression (e.g., learn about the startup ecosystem, mentoring from executive team, learn about psychological science and research methods).
  • Childcare flexibility: Need to pick your child up from school? No problem.
  • Generous maternity, paternity, and shared parental leave.
  • A company committed to carbon offsetting: we donate money in your name each month to plant trees and we offset travel as an organisation each year.
  • Open, transparent, and inclusive culture.
Flexible hours
Various work from home options
Dog friendly