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Over the past year, we've assembled a stellar Sales team and built the foundations of a repeatable, predictable and team-driven revenue engine.

As we're on our way to triple revenue by the end of 2021, we're looking for a growth-minded Account Executive with exposure to B2B SaaS and a client-centric sales approach to help us build on these foundations and accelerate our revenue performance.

This is a great chance for someone who wants to:

- be part of a team that celebrates successes, shares losses and works toward goals together

- build something meaningful and make an impact from an early stage

- get guided career growth and clear steps to get you there faster

- sell a product that makes people's lives better with every new release

🌠 Your mission

You'll play a central role in driving new business growth at Juro as we rapidly grow ARR. You'll make sales #MoreHuman (one of our core values), taking time to really understand what keeps our customers up at night and working with C-level execs to solve the fundamental problems that only Juro can tackle. To get there, you'll:

1. Close new business revenue as we work towards ambitious ARR growth targets.

2. Navigate complex SaaS sales cycles with a positive, consultative approach.

3. Position our product offering in a high-impact way with C-level stakeholders in legal, finance, sales and HR.

πŸ‘‰ We'd love to hear from you if...

You have been part of a journey where:

You've sold B2B SaaS products.

You've worked in an early-stage startup.

You have 1.5+ years strong performance against a revenue quota of $400k or more.

You've sold a range of deals between $10k-$50k, with an average around $20-30k.

You've demonstrated an approach to sales that emphasizes our values:

πŸ™ #BeMoreHuman

- A client-centric approach: e.g. you work from a set of principles that make up a consultative sales approach for you.

- Sharing (#BeMoreHuman): e.g. you enjoy being part of a collaborative team environment where you share wins and losses, learning from and celebrating them together.

❀️ #LoveTheDetails

- Craftsmanship (#LoveTheDetails): e.g. you want to constantly improve and have used past failures as a learning opportunity.

- Ambition (#LoveTheDetails): You have a focused vision of where you want your career to go, what you need to learn to get there and how this role could bring you closer to that goal.

πŸš€ #TrustAndDeliver

- Resourcefulness (#TrustAndDeliver): e.g. you think independently and have been creative to get deals closed.

πŸ‘Œ #KeepItSimple

- Clear, direct, concise communication (#KeepItSimple): e.g. no hyperbole, no platitudes, no fluff. (Tip: we like STAR answers.)

πŸ” Our mission

Help the world agree more.

Businesses run on contracts. But it can take hundreds of steps across multiple tools just to get one contract safely agreed. This legacy way of working leads to bottlenecks in core business processes and makes Legal a blocker, rather than an enabler.

Legacy contract management tools make things worse. Built for handling static, offline files they don’t capture the data you need to make good decisions with contracts.

That’s why we founded Juro. Juro is an all-in-one contract automation platform that helps visionary legal counsel and the teams they enable to agree and manage contracts in one unified workspace.

Help us help the world agree more.

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🎭 Behind the scenes

We love the creativity and human approach the team brings to Juro every day. At Juro we aim to fail fast, as you can see from Callan posting his sales bloopers on LinkedIn:

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Flexible hours
Various work from home options
Dog friendly