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Full time
Key skills
£36900 - £45000 per annum

As a Software Engineer at Made Tech you will actively contribute to planning of work and the development of features, helping to define the features and approach to delivering them.

What does the job entail?

At Made Tech we want to positively impact the future of the country by using technology to improve society. We help public sector organisations deliver quality software to help citizens get more from public services. To do this we work alongside brilliant public servants to modernise technology and accelerate digital delivery.

As a Software Engineer you will actively contribute to planning of work and the development of features, helping to define the features and approach to delivering them. You will proactively pick up complex features, seeking guidance and support when needed to complete them, and be comfortable architecting and delivering simple features in new contexts.

You will have the opportunity to work across a variety of technologies and will need to be comfortable doing so. Our teams have used Ruby with Rails and Sinatra, ES6 with React and Angular, C# with .NET Core, Java with Spring, Python with Django, and plenty more stacks. We don’t limit ourselves as a company to particular technologies and we expect all our engineers to be keen on learning new skills.

High performing software delivery teams need to be empowered to iteratively and rapidly deliver changes all the way through to production. We grow a team of polyglot programmers, which you might already consider yourself to be, who are versed in a mix of paradigms such as object-oriented, functional, declarative, event-based and aspect-oriented. You will need to be comfortable sharing your knowledge and skills with others, and be willing to learn new technologies and skills.


What experience are we looking for?

While we will look for you to have experience in these things, if you don’t have one of these don’t let that stop you applying.

  • Written code with tests
  • Delivered within an agile environment
  • Worked with more than one programming language
  • Worked with databases
  • Worked with or knowledge of cloud platforms such as AWS, GCP and/or Azure
  • Debugging experience in a range of systems
  • Evidence of self-development – we value keen learners
  • Drive to deliver outcomes for users
  • Desire to mentor others
  • Understanding of Clean Architecture (Object Oriented Programming, SOLID Principles, Code Smells, etc.)

Don’t forget to mention any of the experience listed below. While it’s optional, it’s all highly desired!

  • Working directly with customers and users
  • Working within multidisciplinary teams with product, design, and technology working within the same cycles
  • Showcasing and presentation skills
  • Agile practices such as Scrum, XP, and/or Kanban
  • Pair programming
  • Writing code with test-driven development
  • Familiarity with architectural and design patterns


What we will provide you

Balancing life and work:

Making work as fabulous as possible:

  • 💻 Work Ready – We'll buy you a Macbook, ergonomic equipment, books, conferences, training, and more
  • 💡 Learn Tech – We spend every Friday afternoon learning rather than working
  • 🍽️ Friday Lunches – We randomly match up 8 colleagues every Friday and pay for lunch
  • 🍻 Friday Drinks – We pay for social drinks on a Friday

Compensating you fairly:

  • 💷 Transparent Salary Bands – We publish salary bands so you know you're being fairly compensated
  • 👌 Annual Salary Reviews – We review your salary on an annual basis
  • ⛷️ Pension Scheme – We provide a pension scheme so you can save for your future and we'll contribute to it
  • 🚄 Season Ticket Loan – We provide loans to help you pay for your travel
  • 🚲 Cycle To Work Scheme – We offer the cycle to work scheme to help pay for your bicycle
  • 🚕 Expenses Paid – Taxi to a meeting? Want to take a customer to lunch? Expenses are no hassle!

Our internal culture mission is to nurture and support a happy, healthy, safe and inspiring culture for people of all backgrounds and experiences. The Tech industry doesn’t reflect the wide range of lived experiences of our society. At Made Tech we encourage all people but especially those from underrepresented groups to apply for roles with us. We want to make the world of tech more equitable for all, which first starts with giving everyone who wants to enter this industry a fair chance.

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