71% of people are more likely to apply to a role that directly mentions flexibility

Despite this, flexible companies aren’t using their working environment as a talent acquisition tool. Flexa helps you to do just that.

Candidates hate traditional hiring platforms, so why are you still using them?

The way that candidates look for jobs is changing; they want to know what a company is like to work at.

In fact, 36% of people won’t event consider a role that doesn’t offer flexibility. Make the most of your flexible working environment to attract the best talent on a platform that candidates love to use.

Only companies that have been verified can post roles on Flexa; which is why Flexa is growing at 3,000 candidates every week.

  • Flexa helps you to meet your hiring targets

    Embedded diversity reporting sets a benchmark to improve upon.

    It’s hard to make a meaningful impact on diversity & inclusion, but if you have a flexible working environment then you’ve made an excellent start.

    Use Flexa’s anonymised diversity reporting to understand what your pipeline looks like and get intelligent insights on how to improve.

  • Analytics & insights showing you which jobs perform the best and why

    Ever wondered why some jobs get hundreds of applications and others don’t?

    Flexa’s application ratio insights (views : applications) ensure that companies are continuously improving job descriptions and applications. Get rid of complex hiring processes, and focus on what matters.

No recruiters. Just a team that know how to help companies hire efficiently and effectively in a new hiring landscape.

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Sounds great, how can I post a role?

In order to post a role, you must be Flexified first. This is a seamless process that only takes around 20 minutes of your time.
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