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Flexible hours
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The purpose

We believe privacy matters. While you’re expecting that your communications remain solely between you and your recipient, with other providers, that isn’t always the case.

Some free email services target your inbox with customised advertisements. They automatically scan your incoming emails to do this. Other email providers may also sell your personally identifiable data to third parties.

We promise to do none of this.

About us

AperiMail is a private and secure email service that offers safety from the growing concerns regarding the protection of personal information.

Flexi working approach

We give staff the ability to either work from home or we provide a budget for rented workspace. Other than catchup meetings, we expect staff to work around their home life.

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What do we think of AperiMail?

Data privacy is an increasingly hot topic. With this in mind, AperiMail are scaling an email solution that balances great features with that need for privacy and security. They're growing their team and offering team members the opportunity to work from anywhere.

Meet who might be hiring you

If you are seeking a meaningful role that will positively impact society, we would love to hear from you.

What they offer their employees

  • We're open to part-time employees

  • Work from home allowance

  • Compressed hours

  • Work from anywhere schemes

  • 36 days a year holiday (including bank holidays)

  • Self-development budget of up to £1,000 a year

  • Performance-based bonus of 10% of annual salary

  • Share options

  • Brand-new MacBook Pro when you start

  • Home expenses covered:

  • Office supplies(snacks, stationary, plants etc.) - up to £150/month

  • Internet bill - up to £100/month

  • Alternatively, the option to expense the cost of a co-working space up to £350/month

Current vacancies at AperiMail

No vacancies right now